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Why Buy From Us

Since 2007 Milemont has been creating sleep solutions using the latest technology. It has been our mission to produce the best pillows and mattresses using the latest innovations at an affordable price. Many customers ask us why our products are more affordable? To this we reply, it is because we work directly with our suppliers and don’t use any wholesalers or retailers. Because of this decision we are able to offer the latest sleep technology at an affordable price.

In addition to this we invest heavily in our Research and Development team to test new materials and solutions to improve comfort. This decision has been extremely beneficial for Milemont and our customers. In 2007 we saw the market shift, focusing more heavily on health and well-being. When this shift occurred Milemont started with our first product a memory foam pillow with pores. The pillow was basic but we learnt a lot and it encouraged us to continue. We still have that product but it has since had a few iterations!

At Milemont we have strong values which have guided our success. These values have contributed immensely to our growth and kept customers returning to our brand.


As we continue through the 21st century the rate at which new technology is emerging is mind blowing yet equally exciting. With each new innovation Milemont has the opportunity to design and integrate new technology. This is without a doubt our most exciting company value.


Excellence is not an end destination but a mentality. we want to be 1% better than the day before. Their is no finish line and even with our best selling products we know there is always some way to improve them, another iteration. In our 14 year history we have always strived to improve. At Milemont we believe this has greatly resonated with our customers.


All our decisions are governed by the question, “what is the best solution for our physical and mental health”. When we ask this question, a difficult solution or direction seems less so when we know it will result in an increase in health and well-being.


The best brands succeed because of the quality of their products. It is directly correlated and that is why at Milemont we daily strive to create the most comfortable, health beneficial products for our customers. We ensure the highest level of workmanship and QC to thoroughly test all designs beyond the industry standards. This is why each year our customer community continues to grow.

To add to the above four values our brand wouldn’t be what it is today without our incredible customer service. We try and go the little extra with every email or phone call, always adding a human element.

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