About Us

Milemont has successfully applied aerospsace technology to its mattresses and pillows, offering customers unparalleled comfort across our entire range. We call it Space Memory Cotton.

  At Milemont we have been aiming at improving sleep quality since 2007. So across our entire range, we are dedicated to effectively increasing sleep quality and comfortability through the research and developmentn of the technology, advanced design methods, careful production, technological innovations and most feedbacks from our customers. This completely drives our creation and let us have a good sleep at night.

  As a company, we have a strong technical force, an  advanced production systems featuring state of the art technology, extensive testing facilities and a great team dealing with customers' prooblems. This all equates to our satisfactory guaranteed ethic.

  Keeping in mind “ A Healthy Sleep Creates Happiness”, Milemont has  successfully developed nearly 100 healthy, comfortable, affordable and environmentally-friendly products around the space cotton mattress and space cotton pillow. We are sure that whatever your needs are, we have a mattress or pillow to meet your needs!

  In recent years, the company’s products have successively passed the European Union 100 Environmental Protection Certification and Eight heavy metal content REACH certifications. We aim to provide the best products that meet every single guideline. We want to implement a people-oriented business version to our business, which ensures sustainability, a sense of responsibility and excellence in our products, whhile equally being environmentally conscious.


Innovative Ergonomic Alignment

Designed to help align your spine for a deep and restorative sleep.

Premium Foams for Luxurious Comfort

Some retailers use “fillers” instead of high-quality foam. That gives us nightmares.

Breathable and Cool
Most foam mattresses get very hot, but our airy layers help keep you nice and cool.


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