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There is nothing worse than a bad nights sleep. Throughout your life there will be many reasons that you can’t sleep. From stress and illness to newborn children are but a few. Science tells us that when we get a good restorative nights sleep, not only is it good for our physical health but more so our mental health.

Milemont was founded on the idea of bridging that gap. The latest sleep technology is expensive. There is a reason NASA spent a lot of money researching sleep for its astronauts. That is the reason we have memory foam today. As smart technology is integrated with everyday products, initially this will be expensive. At Milemont we want everyone to benefit from the technology of today so we can all lead healthier and happier lives.

At Milemont we have been improving sleep quality since 2007. Across our entire range, we are dedicated to effectively increasing sleep quality and comfortability through the research and development of technology. We use advanced design methods, careful production, technological innovations and feedback from our customers. This all intertwines to create the perfect nights sleep.

As a company, we have an advanced production system, featuring state of the art technology and extensive testing facilities. But most importantly we have a phenomenal team that are all driven, working towards the vision of improving sleep everywhere. When Milemont was first established in 2007 we initially focused on memory foam pillows. Nevertheless, with huge growth and a growing customer following we have expanded our range of products to cover almost every facet of sleep.

During the course of the 14 years Milemont has  successfully developed nearly 100 healthy, comfortable, affordable and environmentally-friendly products. We can confidently say whatever your sleeping needs are, we have a mattress, futon, or pillow for you! 

In recent years, Milemont’s products have successively passed the European Union 100 Environmental Protection Certification and REACH heavy metal content certifications. We also are certified by CertiPUR-US. We aim to provide the best products that meet every single guideline. We want to ensure excellence and responsibility in our products, while still offering the best innovations in sleep at affordable prices.

Thank you for sharing this journey with us!

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