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Why Should you Buy an Adjustable Bed Frame?

When it comes to comfort and luxury, look no further than your own bedroom. Every bedroom should be the epitome of comfort because life can be demanding enough already and having your own sanctuary to hibernate in is a necessity. You heard that right a necessity! For your bedroom, no expense should be spared on comfort, support, and adding that unique personal touch. 

According to recent research, people are spending more time in bed. This is because of increased usage on social media and or watching on-demand subscriptions such as Netflix. Don't worry we are all guilty! With the new statistics, it also seems that due to increased activity online this has not equated to better sleep even though we are in our beds longer. It also seems to be an issue that is more acute for us millennial generation and onwards. Oh, social media.

With all this extra time in bed, it is imperative that you have a haven to rest and sleep upon. This is why you should have an adjustable bed frame to accompany your comfortable and supportive memory foam mattress.

In the sleep market, there are many varieties of bed frames varying from 4 poster classic frames, frames with a built-in headboard, simple metallic and or wooden bed frames, and bed frames with storage drawers. There is even the good old frame with slat construction and those plastic bar ends that you think how on earth is this going to hold?

For the longest of times, adjustable bed frames were the domain of hospitals and hospices. Used to help those with injury or old age be more mobile and comfortable. Nevertheless, in recent years these adjustable bed frames have had a facelift and they are no longer the domain of hospitals. Adjustable bed frames have now been given an update with smart remote controls, intuitive memory settings, and contemporary materials.

Unfortunately for a short period of time thanks to some marketing this technology was deemed too expensive for the majority. I’m talking about the infamous images of a couple in bed together one reading at a leisurely 40 degrees while the other lies horizontally fast asleep with an incredible view in the background. Perhaps like me, you have this imagery in your mind as well as the price tag?

However, do not fear smart adjustable bed frames have had quite a few price reductions since that image. And thankfully for us, we now have access to this life-changing technology. Those days of pillow stuffing to create the perfect angle to watch the wall-mounted television are gone. And no longer does your partner have to suffer for lack of pillows.

Milemont has two smart adjustable bed frame models that offer all the latest technology at the touch of a button. Have you dreamed of having a 60-degree head incline, as well as a joint height adjustment for your feet? Well, look no further than our two models.

The main distinguishing feature of our 2 smart adjustable bed frames is the quality, at an affordable price, because at Milemont they believe everyone should be able to utilize this technology in their home. The adjustable bed frames are available in twin XL, full size, and queen size. Both models have an intuitive remote which adjusts smoothly, quietly, and effortlessly.

Enjoy your favorite book or TV show wrapped up in the comfort of your duvet. It’s even raining outside and the pitter-patter of rain on the window just adds to the ambiance. Just kidding but you get the idea. Adjustable bed frames are a game-changer and after the first week of purchase, you will ask yourself why didn’t I buy this sooner?

If this is all sounding wonderful then you can head on over to them here. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions please leave a comment or send us a message.

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