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What to Consider When Buying a Sofa Bed

A sofa bed is a great piece of furniture that gives a blend of sitting and sleeping options. While it’s excellent for sitting during the day, it can be converted to a bed for sleeping at night. A sofa bed offers many benefits, such as its usefulness in accommodating visitors in a home where there is no space to place a regular bed and a sofa. Regardless of what purpose to use your sofa bed for, one thing you don’t want to sacrifice is comfort. Choosing a sofa bed requires more work than choosing a regular bed, and there are a few things to consider before buying one. 

When shopping for a sofa bed, you’ll come across different options, which might make it difficult for you to know where to begin your selection process. This guide takes you through what to consider when buying a sofa bed. With this guide, you should be confident in choosing a comfortable sofa bed that is right for your home.


  • What Is The Purpose Of Your Sofa Bed?
  • What Are The Available Sofa Bed Options?
  • What Room Are You Buying The Sofa Bed For?
  • How to Spot a Quality Sofa
  • Conclusion

What Is The Purpose Of Your Sofa Bed?

The first and foremost question to ask yourself is, what function will your sofa bed serve? This is one of the factors that should pattern your selection.
  For instance, if you’re on the hunt for a sofa bed for regular and daily use, what should be your priority is comfort and support. This is the case when making the most of a compact bedroom or when you’re shopping for a sofa bed in preparation for accommodating a guest who would be staying long-term. In both situations, your sofa bed is to see everyday use.
  On the contrary, paying attention to the bed sleeping support and comfort might not be a priority if it’ll only be used frequently as a seat and less often as a bed. In this instance, paying attention to the sofa’s comfort level as a seat should come first. This is often so when you’re only buying a sofa bed as an extra option, should you host guests. If you want to have both qualities in a single sofa, it’s best to shop from a reputable store like Milemont

What Are The Available Sofa Bed Options?

Before you can choose a particular sofa bed, it’s wise to know the available types. Here is a summary of the major types of sofa beds:

Pull-Out Sofa Bed

A pull-out sofa bed is the most common type of sofa bed, and this is what people often think of when mentioning a sofa bed. It looks the same as a traditional sofa. This sofa has a spring-loaded mattress within the base, accessed by removing the cushion and pulling the handle. This surfaces a full-frame bed with legs, offering a very comfortable night’s sleep.

  A pull-out sofa bed is a more suitable option than other types of sofa beds, as it offers an excellent comfort level for both sleeping and sitting. This is thanks to a full-depth sofa cushioning and a fully supported mattress. 

A futon is another common type of sofa bed made of wooden or metal frame, with cushioning to form a sofa. The backrest can be leveled down to the base to form a sleeping bed. Futon sofa beds are in two types: bi-fold and tri-fold. While the bi-fold has just a backrest and a base, the tri-fold type has more as a footrest. The footrest is useful in providing more sleeping space when flat. One major advantage of a futon is the ease of transportation due to its lightweight. This makes it easy to transport from one location to another. 

Clic-Clac Sofa Bed

A clic-clac sofa bed is a similar choice to a futon in terms of portability. However, it offers improved seating options and varying sizes and designs. One common feature between clic-clac sofa beds is the mechanism that brings the backrest to a horizontal level with the base to create a flat surface to sleep. Clic-clac sofas pay more attention to the sitting option than the sleeping option. Hence, they’re more recommended where sitting is more of a priority. However, it’s worth noting that the level of comfort to expect is not up to what a pull-out sofa offers.

Day Bed

When deciding on which sofa bed to buy, another option that comes your way is a daybed. A day bed is a mattress supported by a metal or wooden frame. The frames are positioned by the mattress's sides and rear to form a sofa’s back and arms. The mattress comes with enough suspension, thanks to a link spring that holds it up.
This mattress doesn’t require being converted into a bed, as its original design is bed-like. Only a few models have a pull-out trundle to extend the sleeping space or add an extra bed.

What Room Are You Buying The Sofa Bed For?

  When buying a sofa bed, another question to ask yourself is what room is the sofa bed going to. The answer to this question will determine what size and style of the sofa bed to look out for.
   If you’re planning to buy a sofa bed for a small room or study, you’ll want to choose a small bed that can conveniently fit into the room. A futon or a single sofa is what you can consider for a room with limited space. This ensures you’re not overcrowding the room with your sofa bed. On the other hand, if you’re buying a bed for a spacious room like a master bedroom, a double sofa bed is a great choice to consider. This also goes with considering the design of the room.

How to Spot a Quality Sofa

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a sofa bed for regular sleeping or sitting, shopping for a quality piece is important. A quality sofa bed strikes a balance between functionality and comfort and serves you for many years to come.
  Here are a few key features to watch out for when looking for a quality sofa bed. With these features, you should be able to set a quality sofa bed apart from others. 

  When looking for a quality sofa, the cushioning is one thing you cannot afford to overlook. This also goes with inspecting the mattress of your desired sofa bed. While your sofa bed’s cushioning ensures you can sit comfortably for hours without any form of discomfort, the mattress lets you have a comfortable night’s sleep without feeling pains in the morning.

  Forms are the most common materials used in cushioning a sofa. However, it’s worth noting that foams are of different quality. Low-quality sofa beds use low-quality foams that are full of air bubbles. These pieces have low resistance and lose shape over time.

  Also, pay attention to your sofa bed’s mattress, as this determines the support and comfort to expect from it. When shopping with us at Milemont, do well to ask us to let you lie on your sofa bed of choice and for tips to choose the best cushioning and mattress.


Ahis guide has provided you with all you have to consider when buying a sofa bed. Pay attention to the factors discussed in the piece, and you’ll find your journey to buying your desired sofa bed hassle-free.
    However, it’s important to buy your sofa bed from a reputable store, and this is where Milemont comes in. At Milemont, we have all types of sofa beds available for our customers to choose from, ranging from pull-outs, futons, and clic-clacs, to day beds.
  Also, we provide prospective buyers with tips for choosing the best sofa bed or any other piece of furniture for their homes or offices.
  Contact us today to speak with us on which sofa bed is best for your particular room. 

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