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The Evolution of Memory Foam Technology

Memory foam used to be exclusive only to NASA and its astronauts, but its benefits have made it a favorite for those who are looking for a memory foam futon bed and others.

The technology was developed in the year 1966 as part of NASA wanting to have enhanced safety for their pilots. Years later, the material was commercialized, and everything from sports equipment to medical equipment, and even a futon couch would be made from it.

At first bedmakers were hesitant to use memory foam, but then a burgeoning company Tempur-Pedic began working with the material to use for their bedding. Today’s milemont is a classic example of how successful memory foam is since that time.

One downside to memory foam as bedding was that it didn’t have good heat ventilation. However, companies began innovating and using cooling technology such as cooling crystals, heavy quilting and gel in addition to the original material.

Milemont memory foam pillow is a testament to how far memory foam as bedding has come. You can choose from a variety of products, including the milemont cervical pillow to support your back and allow for a restful sleep, or a futon made of memory foam, which feels like a real bed.

Most memory foam couches are made up of multiple layers, one of them being memory foam and a cooling mechanism. The advantage is the same regardless of when you’re using it as a pillow or as a bed- you get more comfort and personalized fit since your body conforms to the material.

Memory foam is an excellent choice for those who have a bad back or need full body support. The material is durable and long-lasting, and even if the entry price is higher memory foam beds tend to last longer compared to traditional foam, e.g., spring or air and others.

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