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How to Make your Room Look More Classy with a Low Budget

Your room is probably the most important place in your home because you spend the most time there, it's your relaxation spot, your intimate and private place, it's your safe haven and it should be made as comfortable and beautiful as possible. Investing a lot of money in your bedroom is money spent well, but what happens when you don't have a lot of money? Can you still make your room look like your sanctuary?

Well yes, you can slash the heavy budget by half and make the best of it, make your room look more expensive and classy than it really is with these tips and furniture to make lemonade from lemons.

Tip 1- Try out a traditional Milemont Light Solid Wood Nightstand.

If you need a vintage aesthetic, this is one furniture you don't want to omit, it makes your room look simple yet classy by adding an appealing style to your bedroom. If you are a modern classic fan this will definitely be a good choice for you because it stands out and is very unique with its pull-out drawers and a large-capacity lower shelf cabinet which are included in this 2-layer bedside table.
  Bedside essentials such as reading glasses or a TV remote, cups, and magazines may be stored. 

Drawers that are well-designed will provide personal storage for your keys, diaries, and other essential objects. Surprisingly, when you load up the bookshelf cabinet with books, you get your own private bookshelf.
  Ideal for a bedside table, a side sofa table in the living room, an entrance, and can be used as a small space for special storage.
  The nightstand is made of solid pine wood and is anti-tip checked. With a very affordable budget you can add this brand new item to your home, fully assembled, and enjoy the comfort and style here.

Tip 2- Hang a mirror or even better get the Milemont Hand Painted Jewelry Armoire With a mirror.

A standard mirror is never a bad idea to add in your room, asides how important it can be to evaluate your appearance and save you from a walk of shame, it can also make your room look wider by reflecting light.
  And if you are looking to spend a little more money getting something more valuable you can check out milemont armoire that comes with a mirror, also with:

  • Elegant velvet interiors shield jewelry from scratches, locks, and keys, ensuring its protection.
  • 22 necklace hooks, 2 cubes, 3 lined shelves, and a bracelet rod, as well as enough space to carry rings and earrings, provide enough storage.
  • Durable and simple to hang: depending on the circumstance of the room, it can be hanged on the door or the wall to change the height.

  This lovely piece of furniture is basically a large cupboard that, like a movable closet, is most often used to keep clothes organized and out of the way. When it comes to storage, the typical armoire has a little bit of everything, from plenty of hanging space to shelves and drawers. If you want to enhance the look of your bedroom with this sort of elegant furniture you can order now.

Tip 3 - Change throw pillows and beddings

What's the one thing fancy hotels or rooms have in common? If you haven't noticed it, it's a white throw pillow !

  Change your throw pillows and bedding and watch your room get revamped and you don't need to break the bank to get this. You can further mix your white throw pillow with one bright color, this makes your room pop and look very classy. 

   Placement of the pillows is very crucial in appearance too, it can make your bed look like a seating area or a sleeping area depending on how you arrange it. It's also important that the pillows are placed in such a way that they don't take half of the bed space. While white bedding might make your room look more expensive, you could choose to go with other colors, just don't go crazy trying to match your throw pillows with your beddings, this allows your room design to be even more flexible.

Two standard size pillow shams are normally the foundation of a good bedding throw pillow stack (or European size shams if you have a larger bed). Add another assortment of the same size pillows in a matching sham to the mix. For a more deliberate designer look, avoid matching your shams to the exact color of your duvet. Add another form or a smaller pillow with a nice texture for a more luxurious look. Two matching accent pillows may also be used to build a third dimension.

Tip 4- Mixing warm colors and cool colours 

Mixing warm and cool colours in your room is the key to making your room look more interesting. Examples of warm colors are yellow, red, orange, cream etc and examples of cool colours are green, grey, blue etc.
   Cool colours tend to be calming while warm colours are more energizing and stimulating, together they give just the right feel needed in your bedroom. Be sure of the feel you want your bedroom to have before picking the colours you would be mixing and make sure that one color is more dominant and consistent than the other, either the warm or cool colours. You can do this by applying the 80/20 rule.
   Also make sure this color blends with your furniture so it pops even better and everything looks balanced. Color can get a lot more complex than this, but these are the fundamentals. And the fundamentals work. If you start here and begin to notice the colors around you—what works and what doesn't—patterns will begin to appear, and you will become increasingly adept at using color in your home.

Tip 5- Experiment putting printables or art behind decor vases with fresh flowers.

A posy of beautiful flowers on your bedside table is a lovely touch. The advantages aren't just aesthetic; by simply adding an arrangement to your room, you can boost your energy and set yourself up for a good day ahead.
   Since your bedroom is the last place you'll see before going to bed and the first place you'll see when you wake up, creating pleasing surroundings is important for a good mood.
   You can even make your room more classy and expensive by adding art behind this beautiful flowers, do this and watch your room become magical. 

Every few weeks, switch up your flower color scheme to give your interior a fresh look. This purple color scheme complements the lilac seating, but emerald green or fuchsia pink flowers will also fit.
   LESS IS MORE IN THIS CASE. Minimal effort can also equal full effect in interior design. When it comes to flowers and plants, this is true; often the simplest addition yields the best results.

Tip 6- Take lightning seriously 

Lightning is an important aspect of making your room look classy and elegant.
  You can consider layering task lights on top of your general lighting if you want to do tasks that need a little more effort, such as reading, working, or applying makeup. The standard desk task light does not have to be the only source of focused task lighting. Consider bedside table lamps, low hanging pendants on both sides of the bed, sconces, and wall-mounted task lights on both sides of the headboard.
  If you would like to draw attention to and highlight specific features in a space, such as artwork then accent lighting can serve as a subdued version of ambient lighting in the bedroom, emitting a soft glow and creating a cozy atmosphere. A few examples include using recessed lighting in the bedroom, wall sconces, tape lights, or innovative repurposing of other fixtures.


Choosing the right colour of bulb is also a vital part of lightning, The use of light color will help to promote some events. To begin, consider the bulb type: incandescent/halogen bulbs emit a soft white glow, CFLs diffuse a lot of blue (although they have evolved to include a broader range of colors), and LEDs will cover the entire color temperature spectrum.

Light colors such as white and blue have been shown to encourage alertness, lighting with certain hues is better used in conjunction with task or directional lighting. Blue and white lights increase alertness and, as a result, inhibit the development of melatonin (or sleep-inducing hormones), so they're not suitable for unwinding and relaxing in the bedroom after a long day. Lighting that emits warmer colors, on the other hand, is preferable.

If you follow these six tips and recommendations above and use them in designing your bedroom to your taste, we can assure you that you will not just have a classy and expensive looking room at a low budget, you will also have an increased love for your personal space because it will always be so convenient, comfortable and soothing for you. 

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