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How To Clean Wood Furniture At Home?

If you have wood furniture in your home or office, you may have noticed that it loses its shine with time and grime accumulates on it. For the removal of wood furniture grime, the regular furniture dusting techniques do not work. So, if you are concerned about the long life of your furniture and want to keep it new for as long as possible, then you have landed at the right place. 

Why Is Wood Furniture Cleaning So Important?

The beauty, shine, and versatility of the wood furniture attract everyone. If you have wood furniture in your home it simply means that you should care for it because it can be the long-lasting and the most aesthetic addition to your home or office. There is no use spending a lot of money buying furniture when you do not know how to take care of it.

  The good news is that the maintenance of the furniture does not require a lot of money and will never be financially burdening for you.

   In fact, the wood furniture survives on its own and you only have to renew it now and then using the wood furniture cleaning techniques.

   So, here are some proven tips and tricks that will help you in keeping your wood furniture neat and clean. Read them to spiff up your wood furniture safely and effectively.

4 Highly Effective Ways To Clean Wood Furniture

1. Use Dish Soap

Starting with liquid dish soap is an easy option. It is readily available and you can start with it In just a few easy and simple steps.

  • Take a small cotton ball.
  • Dip it in the warm water, so now you have the water-moistened cotton ball.
  • To test the effectiveness of the cotton ball, apply it on the less visible portion of the furniture, such as the inside of the chair leg. (This testing is important because some furniture is very sensitive to dish soap and you may get stains on your chairs and wood furniture equipment if you continue to use it on sensitive furniture).
  • You should proceed ahead if there is no sign of damage.
  • Now mix the remaining dish soap with water and apply this detergent to the whole furniture.
  • After the light brushing of the given mixture, let your furniture dry.

Note: Keep a bucket with you and never make a common mistake of soaking wood in the whole detergent-water mixture. Moreover, you should strictly avoid the use of dish soap if any kind of stain appears.
  In case, this technique does not work for you, there are more DIY wood furniture cleaning ideas.

2. Try Mineral Spirits

Petroleum-based mineral spirits are very safe and effective for the cleaning of wood furniture. So whether you want to clean your wood sofa, chair or bed, or even jewelry armoire (Looking to buy furniture? Go to Milemont for a superior furniture collection), you should apply mineral spirits on your furniture.

Remember that mineral spirits are particularly useful when you observe wax buildup on the furniture, especially on the legs of the chairs, jewelry armoire, and other exposed areas.

It is also a cost-effective option because most of the mineral spirit quart containers are available only at $10 or $15, and not more than that.

Although mineral spirits are perfectly safe, you should focus on a few things while using them.

  • Read the precautions and safety instructions carefully.
  • Do Not immediately apply mineral spirits on your furniture, instead proceed with testing on a small portion.
  • If the mineral spirit does not cause any kind of staining and turns out safe for your furniture, only then use a piece of clean cloth soaked in spirit and apply it on your furniture.
  • If the spirit causes any discoloration in the test region, immediately abandon its use.
  • Make short work in a well-ventilated area while using this technique It will immediately reveal any kind of staining or wooden damages during the testing process. Moreover, it will also help in drying out your furniture immediately.

The best part about the mineral spirits is that they can be used to remove the grime of years and even decades. Well, you should only adopt this technique when your furniture is extremely filmy and the layers are accumulated on it.

3. Do Detailed Dusting

If you do dusting occasionally then it will not help in keeping your furniture clean, however, detailed dusting on a regular basis can keep your furniture attractive and shiny. The biggest advantage of maintaining the dusting practice is that it prevents any kind of wax buildup in the furniture so that no layers are formed.

 It is no secret that filmy layers on wooden surfaces often cause a lot of trouble during the cleaning process.

So if you want to proceed with the dusting process you should use the damp cloth for maximum output.

4. Use Vinegar & Olive Oil As A Polish

The maintenance of the wood furniture greatly depends on the polish which gives the final look to your jewelry armoire, chairs, and sofas. It is particularly important to proceed with polished two times for your jewelry armoire because they are particularly used for aesthetic purposes and the whole look of your jewelry fades when the jewelry armoire is not neat and clean.

For other wood furniture objects, it is highly advisable to polish them once a year.
Now let's have a look at how you can make a wood furniture polish in your home using vinegar and olive oil.

  • Take one-fourth cup of vinegar as well as an equal amount of olive oil. Mix them well and your furniture polish is ready.
  • Take a soft piece of cloth, dip it in the wood furniture polish and apply it gently on your furniture.
  • Make sure to buff afterward to make it shiny.
  • Although this technique is also perfectly safe, you should test it on a small area first to prevent even the slightest damage.

This solution will not only make your furniture highly beautiful and new but also add moisture to it.

Some Pro Tips To Keep Your Wood Furniture Clean!

  • Although many people rely on spray policies to keep the furniture bright and fresh-looking, it is the worst modern technique ever. furniture polishes only provide temporary finishing to the furniture and later become the cause of accumulation of dirt, dust, and grime.
  • Spray polishes often smell great but you should not be attracted by that.
  • If your wooden furniture has accumulated a lot of grime and layers, then you should not be applying the brush gently. Instead, take the cloth soaked in vinegar and drop it in a circular motion.
  • Detergents may work well for the cleaning of furniture however you should not be using them too often otherwise they can cause permanent dullness of wood furniture.

What Are Some Easy-To-Clean Wood Furniture?

Milemont Solid Wood Nightstand

Milemont Nightstand is easy to clean, simple, and concise wood furniture that comes up in the modern classic style. Its super easy construction makes it highly adaptable furniture for your bedroom. This is basically a 2-layer bedside table equipped with a large shelf cabinet and drawer. There is nothing complicated about its construction, and you can fit it anywhere in your store, bedroom, or as a side sofa table in your drawing room.

Notable Features:

  • The most important feature of this nightstand is that it has a simple open structure that makes it suitable for instantly cleaning at home.
  • It is framed in solid pine wood and features anti-tip safety-tested.
  • It is framed in solid pine wood and features anti-tip safety-tested.
  • Ideal and suitable for almost any portion of your home due to its modern classic style.

It is an amazing jewelry armoire that has internal LED lights that help you in finding the internal dusty areas very easily. Unlike other jewelry armoires, Milemont jewelry armoires come up with an extremely soft and velvety interior that is easy to clean and resists dust. Moreover, it also protects jewelry from scratches while the durable and sturdy base provides it a unique appearance from top to bottom.

Notable Features:

  • The use of high-quality wood makes it a convenient product that is easy to manage and clean.
  • Luxurious interior with safety features, such as a separate key hanging area to hand lock keys.
  • Space-saving design that makes it perfect for beauty parlors and small rooms.
  • Unique and stylish.
  • 6 LED lights that turn on automatically as soon as you open the armoire.

Thus, go to Milemont right now and consider adding these brand-new easy-to-clean wooden furniture to your home right now.

Final Verdict

Buying wooden furniture can be a long-lasting and very effective solution for your home decoration as well as overall furniture needs. However, you should not only consider the regular cleaning of your furniture but also prevent it from future damage.

You can also ensure the long life of your furniture by choosing easy to clean furniture products and making sure to buy them from reliable companies such as Milemont.

In the end, it is worth mentioning that you should also consider the instructions of the wood furniture manufacturers and see whether or not they have recommended the specific wood cleaner.

These techniques will help you in keeping your wood furniture clean at home with maximum ease.

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