How to Choose the Right Memory Foam Pillow

May 20, 2020

How to Choose the Right Memory Foam Pillow

 The right pillow needs to maintain your head, neck, and spine, all in neutral alignment, and aid the natural curvature of your backbone. If you’ve spent even ten minutes surfing the net for a new pillow, you’ve probably observed there are loads to select from. Soyou need to read this article carefully. Well, allow me to take you through my non-public experience of picking the pillow.

Difference Material that Make up the Pillow

  • Wool

Wool pillows

Those pillows are clearly hypo-allergenic, and proof against mold and dirt mites. Wool pillows wick away moisture out of your head and neck and may be effective at helping alter your temperature for the duration of sleep, keeping you heat in the wintry weather and cool inside the summertime. Wool pillows tend to be quite firm. In addition, they have durability. If you want the advantages of wool without all the firmness, search for alpaca wool, rather than cashmere fibers.

  • Cotton


Much like wool in many ways, cotton pillows are also naturally hypo-allergenic and proof against dirt mites and mildew. Cotton pillows are prone to being somewhat flat and firm. Cotton pillows are often a clever desire for humans with allergies and chemical sensitivities.

  • Latex


Latex pillows have a tendency to be greater firm than down, but nonetheless very comfortable. Those pillows hold their shape. This isn’t the type of pillow you squish into just the placement you like. Latex is proof against mildew and dirt mites. Often, contoured pillows, designed to supply more assistance to the head and neck, or to limit motion all through sleep, are made of latex.


These pillows have turned out to be notably popular in recent years. Memory foam is in accordance with your individual form. Responding to your weight and body heat, memory foam softens and contours to the strains of your head, neck, and shoulders. It additionally distributes weight lightly across its surface. These qualities make it a popular preference for human beings with head and neck pain, or strain points that cause pain at some point of sleep. Memory foam retains warmness, which may cause discomfort and sweating.

 Next, let's focus on the memory cotton pillow.

Types of memory foam pillow


This is the most famous amongst all forms of memory foam pillows. They're of fantastically low height, rectangular pillows, which might be reduced to size and are single-piece pillows. Primarily based on the sort of side they have – the unmarried seamed facet or double seamed facet – they offer assist to the neck, backbone, and shoulders.

unnamed (1)

That could be a literal slab of foam that has a subtle groove and two rides that run horizontally from one factor to the other. The headrests cradled in the groove, whilst the ridges assist the neck. People with neck aches like contoured memory foam pillows better.

  • Shredded memory foam pillow


These ones are oblong in shape, much like the conventional memory foam pillows. The height is neither too low nor too excessive, simply commonplace, making it one of the best memory foam pillows for unique snoozing positions. They incorporate tiny portions of shredded foam inner that are compacted collectively to shape the filling for those pillows, for this reason the name.

Not only does the shredded foam interior allow breathability, but it also keep it cool and airy, no longer making it a heat trap. The super component about shredded memory foam pillows is that it offers you the benefit of a traditional foam pillow but additionally appears after the risks like not being tough for the neck and maintains you cool all through the night time.

  • Wedge memory foam pillow


This is a large triangular-fashioned piece of froth, which is normally used to prop up diverse elements of the frame for specific functions. The scale of the wedge, along with the attitude of the slope varies, based totally on its usage. Seeing that it's far pretty conforming, it isn't breathable, making it a warmth trap. But, this very nature is beneficial for humans stricken by respiratory issues, sinusitis, or acid reflux disease issues.


Choosing a memory foam pillow doesn’t have to be complex. The range of available sizes, shapes, and fillings guarantee there is a pillow that fits your needs. Remember to look at the warranty to guarantee coverage meets your expectations.

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