Do Mattress Protectors Really Work?

May 20, 2020

Do Mattress Protectors Really Work?

Buying a mattress can be a considerable fee. To make sure one’s funding lasts as long as possible, we noticeably recommend human beings shield it via purchasing a mattress protector. They assist hold your bed guarantee in properly standing for so long as possible. They also can beautify your sleep experience with the aid of supplying extra comfort and breathability.

We’ve made a list of what you need to search for in your next mattress protector

Considerations before buying a mattress protector

Earlier than you begin shopping, ask yourself what purpose your mattress protector will serve. You can refer to the considerations listed below:

  • Light protection against wear and tear every day? Opt for a basic cotton cover.
  • A sturdy protection against mattress insects? Purchase one which completely encloses your bed.
  • Handling with a sleeper with incontinence troubles? Find a mattress protector that incorporates waterproof fabric.
  • What’s the size? Protectors are available all distinctive sizes – there are even protectors to cover crib mattresses and mini-crib mattresses.
  • Cost? The more technology, functionality, and service the protector provides, the more expensive it will become.

Benefits of a Mattress Protector

  • Reducing Stains

Nobody desires to sleep on a closely stained bed. The usage of a mattress protector can assist prevent almost all stains from getting via in your mattress. This makes a bed protector perfect for a children’s bed room. There are even waterproof mattress protectors that may keep your bed from soaking if a drink is spilled on the mattress or in case of night time injuries.

  • Preventing Allergies

If you or your circle of relatives battle with hypersensitive reactions, you may virtually need to get a bed protector. The duvet maintains you healthier with the aid of warding off contact among dirt mites, animal dander, and numerous other allergens with the bed itself. If those allergens turn out to be on the duvet, the cover can be eliminated and washed. Of course, ridding the bed of allergens is greater tough. You will have a more fit, better sleep standard with the bed protector.

  • Protect Against Bed Bugs

You have to shield yourself from certain bugs while you select to apply a bed protector. A massive problem is mattress insects. Even if you hold a clean house, you can get mattress bugs if you live someplace, like a hotel, that has them.Bed insects are often hard to find on mattresses and even harder to take away. Since they burrow deep into the crevices of mattresses, they may be avoided through having a cleanable cover over the mattress.

  • Providing Additional Comfort

Many people forget the benefits of consolation that come from using a bed protector. whilst they do nott offer the identical degree of extra aid and comfort that you will get from a mattress topper. Cotton mattress protectors add a gentle top layer to the mattress, as well as supporting you to hold the mattress clean.

Types of mattress protectors

No longer all bed protectors' appearances are the same. There are the following well known kinds:


Encasement (or zippered): The protector covers one hundred percent of your mattress from the top to the bottom. The protector is frequently closed with a zip.


Fitted: A popular form of protector, this suits your mattress in the same way a fitted sheet would (tucked below your bed with pocketed corners.

Elastic strap

Elastic strap: This protector lays on the pinnacle of your mattress whilst elastic straps wrap around the four corners. This anchors the protector to the mattress.


Protectors are available in different materials. They will additionally come in a mix of more than one material. A few substances encompass:

  1. Cotton
  2. Polyester
  3. Down
  4. Vinyl
  5. Polyurethane

We are hoping this weblog has helped you decide if a mattress protector is for you and if so, which type. When you have an revel in of the use of a mattress protector that you’d like to share, why not leave us a comment on the blog?

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