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6 Benefits Of Adjustable Bed Frames

After a century since the original adjustable bed frame design and the ever increasing size of the sleep market, adjustable bed frames are increasing in popularity. Adjustable bed frames are now no longer exclusively found in hospitals and nursing homes. Now, these handy inventions are found in the domains of bedrooms nationwide.

As you can see from the below Google Trends graph over 5 years, the interest over time has gradually grown even doubling at some periods.

The reason for this significant increase in interest is because of two factors. Firstly, the technology price has dropped increasing affordability. Secondly, more brands have their own range of adjustable bed frames and are able to offer great package deals with their mattresses, further making the technology more accessible.

In this Blog post I will discuss the 6 benefits of an adjustable bed frame and these are highlighted below:

1. Variety of sizes available
2. Mattress Compatibility
3. Better digestion and (potential) snoring reduction
4. Independence and mobility
5.Reduces chronic pain

1.Variety of sizes available

When the adjustable bed frame was initially invented the purpose was solely for medicine. From the first Gatch bed in 1909 to the first electrolyzed adjustable bed frame made in 1945 by General Electric, these beds have just catered to the sick. Nevertheless, now with the current 21st-century sleep market, there are a huge variety of sizes from the traditional twin size base to now king-size models. We even have split models where both partners can adjust individually there side of the bed to meet their needs. All this variety is great for customers as we now have an abundance of sizes to chose from.

2. Mattress Compatability

This leads me on nicely to the next advantage, which is the adjustable bed frames on the market are suitable for almost any mattress. Whether you have a hybrid, memory foam or innerspring mattress is irrelevant. As long as you choose the corresponding sized adjustable bed frame to the size of your mattress you will be fine. There is just one note for prospective buyers and that relates to the mattress thickness. If your mattress exceeds 12” thick then you might experience more mattress movement than usual. If you have a thicker mattress ensure that your adjustable bed frame has a good support bar. That being said 8-10” thick mattresses are optimal.

3. Better digestion and (potential) snoring reduction

As we are already aware adjustable bed frame technology originated from the initial Gatch Bed and his tinkering. This first model allowed his patients to elevate their heads and feet after operations. Since this first conception, adjustable bed frames have been synonymous with health improvement. Disregarding the severe mobility issues and or fractures where this technology is life-changing, for the everyday person there are many benefits too.

 The two I want to address today are snoring and enhanced digestion. By slightly elevating the upper body breathing improves compared with a flat horizontal position and this also can assist with better digestion. Scientists state that when eating it is optimal to ensure at least a 3 hour period between your last meal and falling asleep. This knowledge coupled with a slight incline from your bed will most certainly aid digestion. And for those who are bound by long work hours, the incline will help digestion while sleeping when you cant achieve that 3-hour window. For snoring, there are no promises, hopefully, the decibel range can be lowered slightly for even those chronic snorers.

4. Independence and mobility

Another major factor for adjustable bed frames gracing their presence in bedrooms nationwide is their enhanced accessibility. Whether you have a long-term health condition with loss of mobility or you are out of action for a few months due to a fracture. Adjustable bed bases make your life that much easier. With the remote, you can alter the bed to 45 degrees and lean back gradually rather than trying to lay horizontally flat immediately. Getting in and out of bed has become that much easier and more so this increases the user’s independence. Also for carers and loved ones who prior were helping with loved one’s mobility. They no longer have to worry about their back and any awkward twisting or carrying as the bed frame greatly assists this. It’s a definite win-win! 

5. Reduces chronic pain

When you suffer from chronic pain, whether that is muscular or skeletal, even the slightest movement can cause excruciating pain. An adjustable bed frame coupled with a supportive mattress can make all the difference. A great example of reducing chronic pain is elevating the legs and feet reducing swelling or alternatively setting the bed to between 30 - 45 degrees. As you know laying flat is almost impossible with a couple of slipped discs.

When chronic pain plagues your life an adjustable bed frame can really make all the difference. If you suffer from chronic pain and are looking for an intermediary solution, an adjustable bed or a new mattress can really help alleviate pain. Of course please consult your medical practitioner, but with all the ranges of mattresses and adjustable bed frames available on the market. There is something out there guaranteed for you.

6. Convenience

After the past 2 medical benefits, I thought to finish on a more enjoyable attribute. Adjustable bed frames are incredibly functional and convenient. Your bed suddenly becomes a place where you can watch TV, play video games, work on your laptop, read, and even have breakfast in bed. All this becomes possible with a 30-45 degree incline. Doesn’t it sound like a lovely proposition to enjoy your favorite TV show with your partner as you unwind after a long day? 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, an adjustable bed frame has many benefits. You can purchase for medical reasons or for increased comfort and convenience. When you take a look at the reviews of the Milemont adjustable bed base it’s magical to see all the people’s lives that have been improved. It’s the perfect example of technology improving the lives of people. To finish with a review from Grace. “Buying an adjustable bed frame was a wise decision.”

Thanks for reading. Please leave a comment telling us why from the 6 benefits you are buying an adjustable bed frame? If you have any questions send us a message on social media, or contact us.

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