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A great nights sleep has so many benefits for your mental, physical and spiritual health. At Milemont we have a phenomenal collection of Mattresses and Toppers to enhance your sleep.


Silky Soft Bedding

You have a great mattress  and or topper, now it is time to elevate your comfort with the Milemont bedding collection range. From memory foam pillows to sheets, and even mattress protectors. We have it all!


Comfortable Furniture

A great piece of furniture becomes the focal point of your room. At Milemont we have a large collection of furniture that adds that wow factor to every room in your home.

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When you order a Milemont home product we ensure a quick delivery from our warehouse locations to your home. We have warehouse facilities on both the East and West Coast to ensure the quickest delivery. Every product is carefully packaged and shipped to you using only the best couriers. We don't dabble with 3rd party shipping providers and only use FedEx and UPS Ground to ship your product. Upon order you will get an immediate confirmation notification and within 48-72 hours you will receive your UPS or FedEx tracking number. And did we mention most of our products we offer free shipping!

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When buying furniture for your home, bedroom, or garden, it can be a little daunting when it comes to putting the furniture together. At Milemont, we have almost removed this worry by ensuring all our products are able to be assembled within 15 minutes. All tools and accessories are included, even spares just in case. Take a look at our futon sofa bed being constructed. 

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Fall Asleep in 5 Minutes on an 8 inch Memory Foam Mattress

Fall Asleep in 5 Minutes on an 8 inch Memory Foam Mattress

Sound sleep and a sound mind, thisis the key point to keep us mentally, physically, and emotionally well. In this regard, having a quality mattress plays a significant role. Yes, I’m talking about Memory Foam Mattresses.When we talk about quality and comfort, the thing that matters most is the thickness of the mattress. Mattresses are available in a variety of thicknesses from 2 inches to 16 inches. But experts recommend standard mattresses.In this regard, choosing an 8 inch memory foam mattress could be one of your best choices out there. Let’s look more in detail.

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How to Make your Room Look More Classy  with a Low Budget - Milemont

How to Make your Room Look More Classy  with a Low Budget

Your room is probably the most important place in your home because you spend the most time there, it's your relaxation spot, your intimate and private place, it's your safe haven and it should be made as comfortable and beautiful as possible. Investing a lot of money in your bedroom is money spent well, but what happens when you don't have a lot of money? In this article we cover a few items from Milemont which can add some magic to your room.

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Ways to Pick a Stylish Comfortable Mattress That Helps you Sleep Better

Ways to Pick a Stylish Comfortable Mattress That Helps you Sleep Better

If you're just starting your quest for a new mattress, you've probably found that there are a lot of choices. And with the number of options, you have to be cautious in choosing the right one because of the discomfort that comes later. Many people suffer from sleeping problems or back pain and then buy a mattress that worsens the problem.

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